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Semi Permanent Eyes

An Introduction

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Make the windows to your soul as glamorous as they can be with permanent eye liner. By implanting colour across the natural lash line, this procedure makes your lashes look thicker and more defined without the use of makeup by opening, widening and brightening the eye area.

Removing the issue of smudging and smearing, permanent eye liner keeps your eyes looking their best at all times. With the choice of either top and bottom lids you can choose to have a lash enhancement treatment or a baby liner. Whilst black is the most popular pigment colour choice, choose from a range of other shades, including browns, blues, and greens to complement your eye colour perfectly.

Prior to your treatment we will discuss your desired result and draw first to ensure that you have complete control over the style and shape of your eyeliner.


Will I need to remove my eye makeup for the treatment?

Yes. However, please wear your usual make-up for the appointment so we can see your style.

Should I bring my favourite eyeliner pencil?

Yes! From there, I can create a custom blend exclusively for you.

I’ve had my lashes tinted/permed. Can I still have an eye treatment?

Yes, provided it took place more than two weeks prior to treatment.

My eyes are sensitive. I’m worried about blinking and my eyes watering during the treatment. Is that a problem?

Don’t worry, this is a perfectly reasonable concern and is not a problem.

Will my eyes swell a lot after the treatment?

Mild swelling can occur for up to one day after the treatment, but can be alleviated with an ice pack.

Will I need someone to drive me home after having an eye treatment?

Your eyes may get watery after the treatment, which should not be an issue. However, I would recommend anyone having an eye treatment to have someone drive them home, just to be safe.

Will my eyeliner look very dark after the treatment?

You should be prepared for the colour intensity to be significantly sharper and darker immediately after the treatment. This will subside and become lighter as the skin heals. This process can take up to 10 days.

Can I apply mascara after the treatment?

Please wait until the area has fully healed before applying makeup.

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  • Thorough, professional and perfection!

  • Best money I have spent in ages. She was really friendly, explained everything and spent a long time ensuring the shape was right for me.

  • She made me relax, explained the procedure to me, and there was no pain at all. Would highly recommend Anya! Love my new brows!

  • Absolutely love my brows! Mine were heavily over plucked and completely different shapes and sizes, but I'm so happy with the shape of them now. Thank you!

  • I am absolutely over the moon with all of my treatments. Thank you so much Anya.

  • Anya is amazing! I'm so happy with my brows and eyeliners. I would highly recommend them and her to anyone.

  • Had my eyebrows Microbladed by Anya and they are amazing! Highly recommend! Thank you!

  • Anya is absolutely amazing. My eyebrows have always been very sparse, but she has done an incredible job. I can't praise her enough.

  • I would highly recommend Anya to anyone who is considering having their eyebrows done. Very, very pleased with my result.

  • Thank you so much for my eyebrows Anya, I absolutely love them! They are going to look amazing whilst I'm travelling!


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