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An Introduction

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Fibroblast is a special new anti-wrinkle technology that requires zero surgery, zero lasers, and zero fuss, delivering instant and permanent results.

Taking less than an hour, it is used mainly to shrink excess skin, bags, wrinkles and frown lines by tightening the skin around the face and eyes. My clients report of lighter-feeling eyelids, smoother skin, and even an easier application of makeup!

The Procedure

Through the use of a plasma flash, which evaporates superficially on the skin at a tiny point, your skin fibres are pulled tighter. By working in a grid across the skins surface, the skin is pulled tighter.

As the only treatment successfully proven to reduce excess skin, Fibroblast provides you with a healthier, more youthful look.

Appointment Time

1-3 Hours

Back To Work

0-7 Days



Duration Of Results




What end results can I expect?

A brand new, healthier and younger looking you! Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed out, due to saggy skin being tightened.

How long does each treatment take?

It depends, but most areas usually take 30 minutes to complete.

Is the treatment permanent?

Yes it is, although your skin will age as normal, with wrinkles eventually reappearing due to the natural ageing process. Simply come in for another fibroblast treatment when this happens and we can revitalize you.

When will I see results?

Immediately! Expect continual improvement on the treated area for the following 3 months.

What are the risks and complications?

There is minimal risk with fibroblast treatment, and it is renowned within the industry for being incredibly safe and effective. A harmless, perfectly normal burning sensation may be felt immediately after treatment, which should disappear by the end of the day.

What aftercare do I need to do at home?

Swelling may appear that can last for up to 5 days, but a cold compress can be used to reduce it should you desire. Following this, crusting will usually develop over the treated area, eventually flaking off naturally. Please don’t pick at it, as it may lead to infection or scarring!

Be sure to keep the area clean, dry and protected.

Is Fibroblast painful?

Some clients express mild discomfort, but never pain. I apply anaesthetic to numb the area before we get to work, and ask that you remain mindful of heightened sensitivity during your courses.

Am I eligible?

I judge each treatment by its individual merit. Come on in for a consultation and I will take a look at your skin type, giving me a more accurate, personal opinion of what I can do for you.

Is there any downtime/recovery time?

Other than the swelling and redness that disappears soon after, and the crusting that disappears after a week, no! Even this is not an issue with concealer.

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  • Thorough, professional and perfection!

  • Best money I have spent in ages. She was really friendly, explained everything and spent a long time ensuring the shape was right for me.

  • She made me relax, explained the procedure to me, and there was no pain at all. Would highly recommend Anya! Love my new brows!

  • Absolutely love my brows! Mine were heavily over plucked and completely different shapes and sizes, but I'm so happy with the shape of them now. Thank you!

  • I am absolutely over the moon with all of my treatments. Thank you so much Anya.

  • Anya is amazing! I'm so happy with my brows and eyeliners. I would highly recommend them and her to anyone.

  • Had my eyebrows Microbladed by Anya and they are amazing! Highly recommend! Thank you!

  • Anya is absolutely amazing. My eyebrows have always been very sparse, but she has done an incredible job. I can't praise her enough.

  • I would highly recommend Anya to anyone who is considering having their eyebrows done. Very, very pleased with my result.

  • Thank you so much for my eyebrows Anya, I absolutely love them! They are going to look amazing whilst I'm travelling!


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